Anthony Liggins



‘Deeper than Abstract’ Acrylic & mixed media on canvas  121x89cm  2019

Anthony Liggins

Journey to Nirvana


KIMHYUNJOO GALLERY: 06/04(Tuesday) - 06/10(Monday) 2019

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<PLAS 2019> COEX 1F B1, B2 HALL 6/12(Wednesday) - 6/16(Sunday) 2019

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6/16(Sunday) 11am - 5pm

     Born in Hampton, New York, in 1965, Anthony Liggins is a full-time artist based in Miami. His works are known for the vibrant primary colors in harmony with the intense black and gold. It’s not unusual to see chopsticks incorporated in his artworks; his intention is to address the cultural balance and intertwining of the races. Sewn in threads and yarns symbolize these connections and flow from one to another, whether that be an individual, a nation, or a race. His material also embodies the essence of organic existence, hence the wood and the thread. Therefore, his through his artistic grail creates a medium through which we trespass the boundaries of culture and differences as individuals. Moreover, his collages feature mosaics made out of magazines, again enriching his work with universal forms of communications such as pictures and shapes. In his use of products of civilization such as lamps and shoes, he attempts to bring in the component of cultural advancement and enlightenment.

 Liggins utilizes spontaneity and abstraction as a method to present his area-specific and spacial perceptions. These topics add sincerity and personality to his themes of overall balance and communication. More importantly, Liggins bring out both joy and pain in relationships, successes and fails, and insufferable nature of life through colors, textures, lines, and icons. He enlightens the audience of their individual definitions of life and experiences. Still, he very boldy presents his individuality and wisdom in his spontaneity and compassion. In many ways, Liggins brings into life the man he is, a man in search of Utopia and a balance in all things universal. Following the journey though paradise, heaven, and euphoria, I believe his works are sacred and ritualistic in guiding us through the ups and downs of life and the search for the ultimate yin-yang. The title of this exhibition, Nirvana, is not exclusively a religious term; it embodies a process in which one strives to reach peace through swimmingly passing through life and embracing his or her limitations. Blessed with the early breezes of summer, KIMHYUNJOO GALLERY cordially invite you to break free from the generational, regional, cultural, and racial boundaries and walk through the journey of Nirvana with Anthony Liggins.

‘A Bliss’  Acrylic & mixed media on canvas  91x91cm  2019

‘Sacred Language’ Acrylic on canvas with yarn stitching & chopstick 99x76cm 2019


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